NFD Store address: 60 Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, IG9 5BY...2 mins walk from Buckhurst Hill tube.

Opening times: Tue-Sat:  10am-5pm

Store Phone number: 07495 189915

Web / Order enquiries: 07504847238

So we're a fashion brand that's not really into fashion. In an industry where people, places and projects can easily become a little too indulgent for our liking, Lucy's heart humbly lies in working with as wide charitable insight as poss. Larger projects to date: We've sold jewellery to 100% fund the building of a school and a water well for the oh so welcoming community and underprivileged kids of Moshi, Tanzania, all in association with ChildReach International. We try to vary our campaigns;  We collaborated with Malaya Jewellery, cycling to Paris for The Big Issue. Thanks for all your support to raise £2500 for the cause...We've used online profits to sponsor homeless children in Uganda, support the building of a complete water system throughout Eastern Africa, as well as promoting safe sex throughout the UK, and supporting the crisis in the Philippines. We continuously use time to help youth groups in our local community, or use profits from our Portobello market stall to support the work of the A21 Campaign to help abolish human trafficking. For the last couple of years, we've sold ALL of our T/Sweat range for various charities: MIND, Bowel Cancer and Alzheimer's research. Let's make giving a fashion that never goes out of fashion! If you are a small charity or have a project in mind, PLEASE be in touch and we'd LOVE to chat about how we can help. We're all about the community, unity in diversity, and so whoever we can help/colab with/inspire/be inspired by/listen to/play with/pray for...we're in.

Coming from market trading parents, and grandparents from the East End textile trade, it was natural for NFD to grow from working (hard) at Portobello and Spitalfields back in 2010...We used to design and make everything by hand with our old Singer (Crimbo prez from Gramps when Lucy was seven), until we couldn't keep up, and needed to find help manufacturing. 

Our cult classics consist of crystal clean lines, effortlessly chic soft tailoring, on-trend pallets, flattering silhouettes and casual femininity, with an androgynous strength. They're the cutest canvas that you can take as trendy, dressy, formal or  fun as you like...Influenced by all her gypsy travels, East End roots, Essex pals, hardest working/hardest partying/first generation trendy Ma, the most soulful music man dad, artistic waywardness and stubbornly strong morals; Lucy prefers to undertone the collection with all of that, rather than it sitting obviously on the appearance. We have a range that has an industrial feel with a sexy empowerment in however you choose to wear it. It's for everyone, and anyone!

“Who cares what you’re wearing, From Main St. or Saville Row, it’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe.”